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Family Owned and Operated

PC Assist was founded in 1991 to fill a need in the growing PC computer market. Computer networks in businesses were becoming popular, at that time, and there was a shortage of technicians who could provide service for business networks. When a network or computer crashed PC Assist sent a technician to the rescue to fix the broken system. PC Assist has grown with technology over the years. Today, remote monitoring and maintenance have greatly reduced down time and network crashes. Comprehensive backup systems keep data from being lost. System monitoring has helped to safeguard networks from unexpected crashes.

The PC Assist has over 20 years of experience building and maintaining business computer networks and working with business owners. A huge part of keeping vital systems working for business is knowing what functions are vital to a particular business. Knowing a business well enough to know what it needs to operate on a daily basis is key. PC Assist acts as a business's IT department. We have to know what a business does as much as we need to be able to turn on a computer. You may ask your 12 year old to set up your home e-mail, but maybe not your key business network.

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Long-term relationships built on trust and dependability are important to us. We look forward to working with you and keeping your company in business.

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